mikeysgirl226 said: instead of asking i want you to know that if you did date nick i would still support you even though i never have met you but i know how it feels like to get hate because mikey sang for my b-day and allot of girls then messaged me if we were dating and they would tell me to back off so im totally on your side and i believe you never ever would i give you hate :)

Thank you so much for understanding xx. And yes I did date him(not the girl in the pic), I was little so knew that if I got hate I would of just cried, lol

2013 be nice, please: Okay so I think it’s time for the truth to come out, So a year ago I...


Okay so I think it’s time for the truth to come out,
So a year ago I made this tumblr and I made this thing called “Sabina Vallery” I said she dated nick Mara from the iconic boyz just to see how cruel the fans wear to their exs.
So as soon as people got to hear about this sabina Vallery they…

Anonymous said: Do you know mikey? have u met him or madikson


Anonymous said: are you personally friends with nick


Anonymous said: does nick know about this?


Anonymous said: so whos that girl on your sidebar?

A random girl my cousin found me, apparently her name is sabina

Anonymous said: Best plot twist.

Lmfao thanks I guess, should I get an award for this or no? Maybe to soon





girls always look cuter in ripped jeans

Thanks for the advise



Anonymous said: can u post a icture of you

Lol after what I just announced I think it’s best not to

Anonymous said: you didnt have to end things with nick :/ you could just kept it real secret and told nick to just say he was single or something

I know you’re totally right I just guess I was to scared